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Frequently Asked Questions


Our top priority is the health and safety of our employees and customers.

So we redesigned our fulfillment center to comply with the state recommended social distancing and PPE guidelines

Q. Is Celebration Next still shipping products?

Yes! We are working from home but are still shipping orders. Please be patient as orders may take longer than usual

Q. Where do you ship?

We currently only ship within United States

Q. What is the cost of shipping?

Standard shipping costs a flat $10 and priority shipping costs a flat $15. Orders over $200 ship free

Q. What are Celebration kits?

Who says only a wedding should be filled with beautiful, real, unique, elegant and eclectic decor?

It takes countless hours to put together a unique party that does not have the party supplies from chain stores.

Our party boxes  bring the same boutique products to any party while taking care of planning all aspects of a party by theme and delivering it to your door step! 

Q. What kind of products do you include in your gift boxes?

At Celebration Next Boutique, we believe every gift box needs to contain unique finds that are not found easily in the market, combining style, creativity and packaging it with love!

Which is why we curate our gift boxes with unique finds from small businesses and artisan crafters.  These products may be handmade.

Q. What kind of products does Celebration Next Boutique sell?

The goal of Celebration Next Boutique is to sell unique, creative and real party and gift decor that cannot be found in the big stores. We hence curate supplies that include handmade and boutique products that are grouped by a theme!

Q. Can I buy party supplies that are not part of a Celebration Kit?

Of course you can! Please click on Build a Party, on the top menu to purchase party supplies separately.

Please note that we include a lot of unique handmade/eclectic products as part of our Celebration Kits that will not be available for individual sale.

Q. Can I choose my own gifts and assemble them?

Sure, of course you can. We are working on creating the experience to assemble a gift box with the products you choose. Hang on tight and we will provide the link to build your custom box very soon!

Q. Do you provide discounts for a bulk order of gift boxes?

Absolutely! If you would like to purchase more than 20 gift boxes, we can do the below for you:

1. Curate the box with custom products of your choice

2. Provide a 10% discount on the overall order

3. And of course free shipping!

Please reach out to us at if you would like us to customize your gift box!

Q. What is the typical wait time to receive my order?

Wait times vary based on your location and the shipping option chosen at checkout.

Typical wait times are as below:

Celebration Kits: up to 3 weeks. Since the Celebration Kits contain many products that have to be handmade/customized, please allow 3 weeks for the Kit to be prepared and delivered to you. We strive to reduce this wait time where possible.

Gift Boxes: up to 2 weeks. Since the Gift Boxes contain many products that have to be handmade/customized, please allow 2 weeks for the Kit to be prepared and delivered to you. We strive to reduce this wait time where possible.

Individual Party Supplies/ Gifts: up to 2 weeks including assembly, shipping and delivery. All orders are processed within 3 business days following receipt of your order.

Q. When do I pay for shipping?

Our goal is to provide you free shipping whenever possible. 

We also run promotions that offer discounts and free shipping.

Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to stay tuned with promotional offers!

Q. Why hasn’t my order arrived?

All orders have a production time and a shipping time which can result in different estimated wait time depending on location. 

Please track your order to get the latest update on your order.


Q. What is your Return policy?

We are really sorry to hear that! :(  Our customers are our top priority!

Please check our Return Policy for information on returns.  Please write to us if we can work with you to fix your experience.